Monday, August 9, 2010

Quilting bee blocks

Busy as a bee today making blocks for the [Bee]-autiful quilting bee (okay, bad pun...).

Belatedly, I made Heather's spider web quilt block for her July month.

spider web quilt block

It was my first spider web block (I used Heather's tutorial) and fun to make (although hard to get the points to line up in the middle...). Love her color selection!

And since I was on a roll (and my daughter and husband were on a 3 mile hike), I made Megan's blocks for August too! She is using her Erin Michael paint by number stash for improve-style blocks. I love making this type of block!

Uptown paint by number quilt block

She asked for one block but I was able to make two out of the fabrics she sent. Hope these work for your quilt Megan!

Uptown paint by number quilt block

Have a good week! I am super excited to be off this coming weekend to the Weekend Sewing workshop given by Heather Ross and Liesl Gibson of oliver and s sewing patterns (and Denyse Schmidt will be there too-sweet)!!!

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  1. I love my blocks Rachel! Thanks so much! I'm really excited to see all these rolling in to put up on my design wall.
    I had no idea you were going to that workshop! Too fun. I haven't met Liesl or Denyse but Heather is awesome and you will have a ball. Can't wait to see what you learn!