Friday, May 21, 2010

Upcycled dress for me!

I recently discovered the blog Grosgrain and I really enjoy her adventures in dress making. She recently posted a refashioned dress made from a skirt and tank top she found at the thrift store.

I knew immediately I needed to make one of these! A bit ago I bought a skirt at the thrift store that I had yet to wear. Another trip to the thrift store and I had a white tank top. Add in some thick pink ribbed knit (I couldn't find colored elastic) and I was all set!

here's what I started with:

I cut about 4 inches off the top of the skirt and removed the zipper with a seam ripper. Then I sewed up the seams where the zipper resided. I cut the pink knit about 3 inches wide and sewed it into a circle after sizing it so it fit around my waist well but wasn't too tight to slip over my head or my hips. I used my serger to ruffle the skirt (actually, I used my serger for all the sewing on this dress), then attached the pink waist band. Next I cut the tank top to desired length and sewed it onto the waist band.  Ta-da!  (please check Grosgrain's page above for further construction details-or leave me a question in the comments!).

upcycled dressupcycled dress

Of course, the dogs had to get in the pictures. Sorry for the grainy photos-not quite enough sunshine yet that morning. I wore my new dress to work yesterday -- such fun!!


  1. That is SO cute! I want one! My problem would be finding the cute stuff to start with at the thrift store.

  2. That turned out wonderful. You did a great job. And love the dogs. Mine always have to get into pictures as well. :-)

  3. Lovely! This makes me wanna try making one too. Thanks for the inspiration!