Sunday, May 23, 2010

another upcycled dress!

My daughter loves my new upcycled dress I made this week so much that she asked me to make her one too.  She already had the white tank top and she picked out one of her skirts to use. It took me about 20 minutes to make and she LOVES it.  

So we had another photo shoot today (earlier we had a photo shoot with the fantastic vintage dresses I recently purchased for my etsy shop-coming soon to RetroLabs). She told me I had to put on my dress too so here we are!

We finished planting our garden this weekend! This year we are trying watermelon, as well as the usual 5 varieties of tomatoes, lots of peppers, yellow squash and lettuces! We didn't have our act together in early spring to get the sugar snap peas in... Do you have a garden too? What is your favorite garden veggie?  cheers!


  1. The dresses and you and your daighter look so cute!
    I'm working on my vegetable garden too nowadays. I have around ten different tomatoes. (Usually more.) Actually, I harvested my first tomato yesterday. I took one cutting and found one self seeded plant in august and kept them inside all winter. In February they started growing and now I can harvest from them. Usually I don't get tomatoes before august.
    Take care!

  2. Um, those dresses are the cutest!!

    I'm just getting around to replying to Bloggers Quilt Festival comments. Thanks for stopping by my little blog!!


    PS I've been reading your blog, love it!