Saturday, April 3, 2010

Washi paper eggs

Happy Easter!

We haven't dyed eggs yet so instead I took a picture of washi paper eggs I made about 10 years ago.

Easter eggs washi paper tutorial

My parents lived in Japan in the early 1990s and my mom showed me how to make these eggs.
They are a bit labor-intensive but worth it!

Here's my instructions from when I made them 10 years ago.

Washi paper-covered eggs

supplies:           eggs-blown out, rinsed and thoroughly dried
                        washi paper (Japanese origami paper)
                        wallpaper paste (or diluted Elmer’s glue)
                        acrylic water-based varnish
                        wax paper, spoon, and scissors

1.       Measure around middle of egg and add ¼ inch.

2.       Measure around egg lengthwise and add inch.

3.       Cut paper to correct rectangular size from 1 and 2.  Usually 5¾ X 3 works fine.

4.       Fold paper in half lengthwise.  Don’t press down hard on seam.

5.       Make scissor cuts about inch apart from cut edge to within ¼ inch of folded edge.

6.       Cut halfway up each flap to make points resembling a picket fence then unfold paper.

7.       Apply glue to back of paper.

8.       Center paper on egg and smooth down each flap of paper at one end of egg-one at a time so they overlap slightly.

9.       Turn egg around and smooth flaps over other end of egg.  If there is too much paper, trim as necessary.

10.   Smooth from center to each end with fingers to eliminate air bubbles and creases.

11.   Smooth seams with back of spoon.

12.   Let dry.

13.   Rub dry egg with back of spoon.

14.   Varnish with water-based varnish by rolling egg in your hands.  Apply 6-10 coats and let dry between each coat about 1 hour.  Lay on wax paper to dry.  Rub with spoon after each varnish layer if desired.

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