Thursday, April 15, 2010

upcycled birthday shirts and dress

Another custom big 3 birthday dress made in the red, pink and teal colors-that was a popular combination! This one has a hood!

upcycled dress recycled t-shirt dress

And I made a big 3 shirt with hoodie which is now in my shop. This one is made with a bit of the owls on the line fabric from Kumquat-I love those owls!

upcycled shirt recycled t-shirt shirt

And my daughter has another birthday party to go to for a classmate so here's his shirt:

upcycled shirt recycled t-shirt shirt

Happy tax day! (hum, we had to file an extension so not really tax day for us...).


  1. The birthday dress is fabulous! I get so many compliments on the dress you made for Brynn ;)

  2. These are really cute shirts! You are very creative.