Monday, April 19, 2010

April Bee-autiful quilting bee blocks

April is Jenni's month and she asked us to add embroidery to her blocks. I've never tried embroidery so it was a challenge! Jenni provided Katie Jump Rope fabrics-I LOVE this line!

My first attempt at embroidery was this little bear. Found him in MS Word clip art (as I did the owl below). I added the little mushrooms.

katie jump rope quilt block bear embroidery

The stitching on the back of the bear isn't so good.  I didn't realize I could add the next line by putting the needle right in the same spot as the previous line (to create one continuous line). Sorry about that Jenni! Now that I see the block in my computer screen, I really shouldn't have put that blue dot stripe next to the wonky star-it's just too big a piece. Rats.

katie jump rope quilt block owl embroidery

The stitching on the owl is much better! But I still can't get those darn French knots!!

katie jump rope quilt block owl embroidery

These were really fun to make!  Thanks Jenni for the push to try embroidery!

My month is next!! I'm so excited. I pulled fabrics last night. Now for the cutting and sorting...

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