Tuesday, February 16, 2010

patchwork quilts for new babies

My friend recently had twins and I went back and forth about their quilt designs.  Should I make them similar because they are twins with one boy colors and one girl colors? Or should I make them different because they are twins and everything else they'll have for a while will be similar?

I decided on different but both patchwork style.  You've seen the beginnings of the Far Far Away patchwork quilt here.

far far away patchwork quilt Heather Ross

I quilted it yesterday and sewed the binding to the front. I love the back of this quilt and can't wait to show you once I finish the binding.

Amy Schimler fabric patchwork quilt 

Here's the patchwork boy quilt. I used Amy Schimler's fabrics mixed with a few Kona solids and one Joel Dewberry woodgrain.  I have had Amy's fabrics for a while and it was so fun to finally use them! 

I was quite productive yesterday because I had a holiday but my daughter's school was open--free day in the sewing room!! woohoo!  :)

They are all ready to hand sew the binding on the back. I am off today to Boston for a training session for work (my first business trip since 2005!). I will be taking these with me on the plane to get them finished!


  1. Oh they're gorgeous! Well done choosing "boy" and "girl" fabrics - they'll be well loved I'm sure :-)

  2. I'm a twin. -Never give twins similar items! (At least not when they get older...)