Wednesday, February 10, 2010

patchwork Far Far Away quilt

I finally cut into my Far Far Away fabric from Heather Ross. This is the double gauze fabric from Kokka.

far far away fabric Kokka 

I decided to make a patchwork quilt like here and here. Above are the strips of squares laid out ready to be sewn together.  I designed this for 5" squares but of course my distracted mind started cutting 4.5" stripes.  Argh...  So now it has 4" squares and measures 36 x 44". I thought this fabric might be difficult to sew but it was not. It was however a tad difficult to cut because it shifts.

Sorry for the poor lighting in this photo.  It was taken before leaving for work and the sun wasn't quite up.
This quilt is for a friend's new baby!

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  1. Lucky, lucky baby!! I need to cut into mine too and I just LOVE how the patchwork pattern works with this adorable line!!! :)

    XO, Heather